The Essential Supplies for Beginner Stampers

Apr 13, 2022

In this post, I want to take all the overwhelm away by helping you know what are the essential stamping supplies for beginning stampers.

Starting a new hobby is a very exciting experience! But it can also feel very overwhelming when you start out, especially if you watch Youtube videos and people are using ALL KINDS OF GADGETS!

Essential Stamping Supplies for Beginning Stampers.

#1 -A good pair of paper scissors is the first essential stamping supply for beginner stampers

essential stamping supplies for beginner stampers

You’re wanting to purchase a pair of scissors with a very sharp tip. My advice is buy two if you can afford to get two. That way, you can use one only for paper -and the other you can use to cut paper that has glue on it. Trust me when I say that using your paper scissors to cut through adhesives will very quickly blunt the tip. And you want your scissors tip to stay nice and sharp -especially when you need to do fussy cutting. I personally like the Stampin Up! paper snips -and for NZ$20, I consider that very good value for money.

#2 – Decent glue is the next essential stamping supply for beginner stampers

essential stamping supplies for beginner stampers

You are going to be using adhesives of all different kinds for your projects so I would strongly suggest you include a good quality liquid glue as your essential stamping supplies.

I have tried various brands over the past 20 years of papercrafting, and I really like the versatility of the Stampin Up! multipurpose liquid glue.

It is easy to use -as you have a narrow and broad tip. But the best part of this glue, is that once you adhere it to the paper – you have a few seconds to fix any mistakes you might have made -before it sticks. I always keep at least 2 extra tubes of this liquid glue in my drawer, as I go through heaps!


#3 – Basic white A4 cardstock would be my next essential stamping supply for beginner stampers

This is a very good cardstock to always have on hand – you are always going to use a basic white cardstock. Make sure when choosing your cardstock, that you get the best quality your money can afford. The cardstock will form the base of your card, so you want it to be a a nice weight -not too flimsy or too rigid.

#4 – A stampset is useful to have as an essential stamping supply for beginner stampers

essential stamping supplies for beginner stampers

Choose a stampset that you can see yourself using for a very long time.

I like stampsets that also include sentiments ( wording/phrases).

A good stamp set to choose will be one that has “happy birthday”, “thank you” or “you’re in my thoughts” as sentiments.

You won’t always find all three those sentiments in 1 stampset -but you may get lucky!

If you have to choose -I would choose the “Happy Birthday” sentiment.

#5 -Inkpad most definitely is an essential stamping supply for beginner stampers

This is the beginning of the love affair -when it comes to choosing what colour inkpad you want to start off with!

This will all depend on your budget -but my advice is you will always need a black inkpad and everything else is a bonus.

The choice of colours will depend on what stampset you get -so take your time to think about the kind of cards you want to start making and choose your inkpads from there!

There are so many to choose from!

So, I hope this has helped to take away the overwhelm a little bit!

If you’re joining my Stamp ‘n Eaters team, and you’re needing to make up your starter kit – these 5 Stamping Supplies every beginning stamper needs will be a very good start!

If you’re reading this and it has helped you in some way, please leave a comment!

Until next time!

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