Somebody had to say it

Nov 1, 2023

somebody had to say it

You get what you pay for -there somebody had to say it.

There’s a saying in Afrikaans that goes like this “goed koop is duur koop”.

Translated it means cheap buy is expensive buy.

What am I going on about today?

Today I’m having a little rant over cheap and nasty lookalike copies of Stampin’Up! products.

For a long time now I’ve been seeing Temu copies coming up on sponsored ads in my feeds.

And it’s making me super annoyed -perhaps even a little angry at times.

I’m having this rant and feel that somebody has to say something.
Every sale Temu makes selling counterfeit products – another demonstrator’s income is affected.

My reasons for supporting local

I am a firm believer of supporting local business.

It’s what keeps communities strong and connected.

Where’s the connection in buying an item that’s been copied?

Supporting your local Stampin’Up! demonstrator means YOU have a money back guarantee if the product is faulty.

I have only ever once returned a tool in over 14 years -once!

That doesn’t mean exchanges don’t happen -I’m not being naive here.

But the quality of the dies, stamps and papers that I’ve bought over the years have withstood years and years of use.

Another reason why I’m a firm believer is supporting local business is, when they succeed, you’ve been a part of their success.

Small businesses like mine value every bit of support they get from customers.

It’s a challenging world to survive in, with the abundance of choices we have these days.

Personally, it aligns with my values to know that I have helped a small business in a small way.

And you know what they say about compounding interest? Each little bit builds on the bit before it.

So, I just wanted to share my thoughts and figured somebody had to say it.

Please re-consider buying cheap copies of crafting supplies and rather support your local demonstrator.

I know they will be most grateful -as I am for the support of my customers!

Happy crafting!

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