My top 10 reasons for loving Tauranga

May 11, 2022

My top 10 reasons for loving Tauranga

My top 10 reasons for loving Tauranga

This list should be pretty easy to fill in – and I may even have more than my top 10 reasons for loving Tauranga!

For those reading this blog, and are wondering where Tauranga (pronounce toe-rong-a) is situated -it’s a port city on the east side of the North Island, New Zealand.

My top 10 reasons for loving Tauranga

It’s best known for this little mound poking out the sea -and aptly named “The Mount” or Mauao in Maori.

Here is my list of the top 10 reasons for living in Tauranga:

#1 – It’s at the beach

Yes, this may seem pretty obvious.

However, back in South Africa where I was born and lived until 16 years ago – we lived about 600km away from the beach.

Living at the beach is a big deal for me.

#2 – It’s a city with a regional feel to it

Tauranga is not like Auckland or Wellington in its size -but it has everything I need in a city.

The traffic is slowly becoming an issue -unless you’re fortunate enough to work from home like I do!

But generally speaking, it has a chilled kind of feel about it.

Especially if you are around the Mount on a weekend.

This relaxed feel also comes through in how I run my card classes.

#3 – Foodies paradise

Oh my word!! Where do I even begin?

There are so many choices here for the foodie snob.

You have your award winning restaurants – like Umami Fushion Kitchen who won the Tripadvisor Travellor’s Choice for 2021.

Or you have delicious cafes that offer you all sorts of delicacies.

If you’re after vegan style food -then look no further than Gratitude Eatery in the Mount.

#4 – Weekly Farmers Market

I love foraging at my local Farmers Market – every Saturday from 7.45am -12noon.

There is also the Welcome Market every Saturday too – they sell fresh produce as well as handcrafted goodies.

#5 – McLaren Falls Park

This gorgeous public park just 20 minutes drive from Bethlehem is a stunning place to hang out.

In Autumn you have all the beautiful coloured leaves -and in Spring you have all the cherry blossoms.

There is also a Cafe at the entrance, but there are plenty of free BBQ/picnic spots scattered all around the park.

My top 10 reasons for loving Tauranga

#6 – Waterfalls and more waterfalls

Tauranga is surrounded by so many forms of water. We have the sea, estuaries, rivers and waterfalls!

The best waterfall by far is found off the old Tauranga Road – en route to Matamata.

But there is also the Kaiate Falls -off the Welcome Bay Road.

And there is also the waterfall at Omanawa and Whataroa.

#7 – It has a great local church I call home

You may not know this, but Tauranga is considered to be a Bible belt of sorts in New Zealand

I love my local church – Redeemer Tauranga is where you will find me on a Sunday morning at 10.30am. It is located at 56/2nd Avenue.

Come and visit if you’re around on a Sunday – you will be warmly welcomed!

#8 – Awesome walking tracks EVERYWHERE

It doesn’t matter where you live in Tauranga – you will find a walking track somewhere close to your home.

I love how diverse they are too!

#9 – Great schools

There are some really great options to choose from -but take note that the public schools are zoned for your residential area.

#10 – Stable climate

Yes, I left the weather right to the end!

Tauranga has a great climate -which is one of the reasons many people come and stay here!

So there you have my top 10 reasons for loving Tauranga!

Until next time!

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