My story of why I started stamping

May 21, 2022

My story of why I started stamping

This is my story of why I started stamping.

My love of stamping must have started more than 20 years ago.

A friend of mine introduced scrapbooking to me way back then.

She was a scrapbooker -and I loved what she did with her photos.

So, she gave me the best gift ever!

A voucher to attend a scrapbook class.

It was the beginning of my story of why I started stamping years later

I instantly fell in love with the feel and look of the paper.

It was incredible how you could take an ordinary piece of A4 paper and change it into something breath-taking.

Unaware of it at the time – but this was going to be the beginning of my stamping life.

I continued scrapbooking until we moved to New Zealand in 2005.

And this is when I was introduced to stamping

I met a lady at the bus stop – who became a dear friend until she passed away.

She’s entirely to blame for my story of why I started stamping!

She invited me to her friend’s house -and they were doing both scrapbooking and stamping cards.

I instantly saw the huge benefits of stamping cards.

It was such a personal gesture from the heart.

You see –  you put a scrapbooked page into an album -whereas you give your heart away with every stamped card.

I noticed how I was connecting from my heart to the other person’s heart -just through a card.

The look on the other person’s face, when they open your card and realise that you made it for them!

That look is just priceless!

Stamping brings out my inner creativity

Who ever would have thought that stamping would’ve brought out the inner artist in me?

Stamping has grown me in so many ways.

I have learnt so many different techniques -which can turn the humble rubber stamp into a work of art.

I love sharing what I’ve learnt over the past 2 decades with others.

And this is why I teach card classes on a regular basis.

I teach on Tuesdays (twice a month) and on a Saturday -once a month.

You are warmly invited to come and join me!

Perhaps you know of someone that would be interested in stamping?

You can always copy what my friend did – and give her a voucher!

You can purchase vouchers right here!

Until next time!

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