My favourite place in the whole house

Jun 14, 2022

my favourite place in the whole house

Join me as I take you on a little tour of my favourite place in the whole house

My favourite place in the whole house

I live in a spacious enough home with plenty of space in the living room to unwind and relax.

And yet my favourite place in the whole house…

Happens to be the smallest room of all!

Welcome to my craft room!

I want share some of the ideas behind how I have styled my craft room.

Just recently it underwent a rather dramatic overall!

I walked into the room one day and felt so claustrophobic.

It was as if all the little storage jars and bottles were just too much for me.

So, I did some research and came up with this game-changing look and for a very small outlay too!

My storage units

My favourite place in the whole house
My favourite place in the whole house

I bought these gorgeous storage units from Bunnings Warehouse here in Tauranga.

They sell them in all sorts of configurations.

I was initially going to buy the larger sized one -but they were out of stock at my local store.

It actually worked out much better, as I landed up buying 4 of these units and just sitting them next to each other.

This means that I have greater flexibility for future changes.

The inserts are purchased separately.

I landed up buying 1 insert too many -so am using that now to carry my card kits to retreats and classes!

My ribbon storage

I have actually shown this incredible ribbon storage idea of mine in a video I did in December 2021.

I will need to update that video now!

As you can see – my ribbons are actually stored in a gutter off-cut, from our local roofing company.

Another very easy and cost-effective way to change your craft room without breaking the bank.

I like to see what ribbons I have instantly, and I also like to be able to remove them easily.

This gutter pretty much does the job very well.

Custom made storage made easy

My gorgeous designer series paper storage 12″x12″ cubes were made by the very talented Sharon at Xtreme Laser Graphics.

She pretty much can custom make anything you want for your craft needs. She also made my cardstock storage, inkpads and stamp set storage.

My favourite place in the whole house

A lit up spot in my favourite place in the whole house

This tiny little lit up area is where I take my photos in the shotbox.

This tiny spot in the craft room under estimates its value – as cardmaking is reliant on photos!

If you enjoyed this post – make sure you check out my story and read how I got to be so obsessed with papercraft!

I love my favourite place – what do you think of my craft room?

I would love to hear your feedback!

Until next time!

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