My favourite breakfast cereal

Jul 6, 2022

I love a good breakfast

And I enjoy a variety of different types of breakfast each morning,

But my favourite breakfast of all time is a good granola.

Some of you may or may not know that I am also a registered Clinical Nutritionist.

I run my own clinic –Tauranga Wellness Clinic.

I love helping women over the age of 40 with chronic pain & inflammation.

One of the things I often see is that women just don’t eat a decent breakfast.

Most women are just rushing from one thing to the other

And breakfast is not a priority for them at all.

So, when I work through their treatment protocol -it’s always starting with breakfast.

What is my favourite breakfast cereal then?

Well, as I have already mentioned – I love a good granola.

I will be including the recipe below for you to try out.

A good granola for me has to be loaded with protein.

Protein is super important first thing in the morning as it helps to balance blood sugars, it gives the right ingredients to your cells to produce energy and it’s critical to produce new cells.

Granola that has nuts and seeds in it gets a huge tick from me.

My favourite breakfast recipe has plenty of protein in it

So, I know when I enjoy a serving of it -I am keeping my blood sugars balanced.

Those of us who enjoy paper crafting can sometimes find ourselves eating snack kind of food.

Treats on the table during card classes or on retreat,(you might want to check out when I next teach class and run a retreat).

Plus when you’re so busy with a project -the last thing you feel like is making yourself a proper lunch and/or dinner.


So, starting off your day with a decent breakfast will give you all the health ticks that you’re looking for.

Lastly – now that you know that the other hat I wear is that of a Clinical Nutritionist -it might now make sense why I call my stamping business Stamp and Eat!

Here’s my favourite breakfast cereal recipe:

Pop a comment below if you’d like me to share more of my favourite recipes!

Until next time!

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