Let’s talk stamp storage

Jun 26, 2022

Let's talk stamp storage

What do you do with all your stamp sets?

Stamp storage is a big deal.

There’s a whole science behind how you store stamp sets -so let’s talk stamp storage.

Do you store them in themes? Alphabetical? Random?

When I had far fewer stamp sets than what I now own, I used to store my stamp sets in themes.

It kind of made sense to my way of thinking.

If I was looking for children’s stamps -then I would head over to the kiddies section.

It was my own version of the Dewey classification system.

Then, as my stamp sets grew ( I blame being a demonstrator on that!!), I had to come up with another idea.

Introducing alphabetical storage!

Let's talk stamp storage

I have found that storing my stamp sets in alphabetical order was much easier for me

My brain likes order and structure. I have all my spices arranged in alphabetical order.

So, it made a whole lot of sense to organise my growing number of stamp sets in the same way.

The question also was not only about whether they were stored in themes or not -but more importantly, where did they go?

So, the next challenge was finding an actual storage system that would fit into my cupboard.

Let’s talk stamp storage

I am very indebited to Sharon from Xtreme Laser Graphics for custom making me, my very own stamp storage unit.

She took the dimensions that I provided her, and made up this amazing stamp storage unit.

Let's talk stamp storage

As you can see from the image, each stamp sets has its own slot into which it fits.

This makes it easier to store -but it also makes it easier to see at a quick glance.

The top shelf are all the current catalogue stamp sets -and I like to rotate through them during the year.

On the shelf below, I have retired stamp sets on the left that I use for my own personal cards.

The stamp sets to the right are from expired Sale-a-bration offers.

I have the date on them, and depending on whether I like them or not -I may keep them or sell them.

So, in this blog of let’s talk storage -I’ve covered how you may wish to store your stampsets.

That could be in themes or alphabetical -or you may have another system that I haven’t thought of yet!

I have also covered the actual storage space -and as previously mentioned -I like to get mine custom made from Xtreme Laser Graphics.

Let me know what kind of storer you are!

If you’re reading this blog and you’re just starting out with papercraft -you may want to read my blog on essential supplies for beginner stampers.

Until next time!

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