It’s my birthday next week!!

Aug 18, 2022

It's my birthday next week!!

I love birthdays and all the fuss

It’s my birthday this time next week and yes, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS AND ALL THE FUSS!!

This year I will be doing something radically different for my birthday.

It’s been 16½ years since I was with my Mom on my birthday.

It's my birthday next week!!

That’s a very long time to not be with the person that gave birth to you on your special day.

I am turning 52 next week -and I was bitterly disappointed 2 years ago that I was not able to share my 50th with my Mom.

Thanks Covid.

Last year there were still massive restrictions on international travel -so that didn’t happen last year either.

So, roll on 2022.

When the announcements were made earlier in the year that international travel was just that bit easier – I jumped at the opportunity to book my flights.

I will be in South Africa for my birthday next week

That’s just such a crazy thought!

It’s my birthday next week & I will be in Pretoria, South Africa to celebrate it.


It's my birthday next week!!

It’s been 2½ years since I last saw my Mom -so I am super excited to be seeing her again.

I won’t be there for long -unfortunately with owning 2 businesses – I can’t stay away too long from New Zealand.

Guess what I’m taking in my suitcase on my trip?

There are a 2 things that I’m taking in my suitcase.

Can you guess what they might be?

It’s something that’s related to my stamping business.

It’s light and easy to pack -even with luggage weight restrictions.

I can do this with my Mom and we will have fun doing it together.

If you can guess what it is that I’m packing – I would like for you to comment in the post below.

If you’re correct and live in New Zealand, then your name will go into a draw and then I will send the winner the same item!!

The winner will be drawn and announced on my Facebook and Instagram account once I’m back early September.

Until next time!

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