I have a personal trainer

Oct 19, 2023

i have a personal trainer

You may already know that I am into health and wellness big time -after all I am a Clinical Nutritionist when I’m not doing stamping stuff.

But to be honest between you and me -I am not at all a fan of gyms.

I went to a womens only gym more than 10 years ago and I really enjoyed that experience.

But I’m not into sweaty, mirrors everywhere gyms.

Which is why I decided a few weeks ago to have a personal trainer.

The best part of this decision to have a personal trainer is that I know Melissa quite well.

And I know Melissa through my Stamp and Eat business – isn’t that interesting how the world works?!

A little bit about my personal trainer

Melissa is the owner of 101 Fitness and is based here in Bethlehem, Tauranga.

I took advantage of her 2 for $29 introductory special that she was running (I suggest check her website if it’s still valid).

So, I arrived to find Melissa ready for me. No issues finding parking – as there’s a space allocated for clients right in front of the door.

The decor inside is a gorgeous Granny Apple Green and I immediately was put at ease by Melissa.

Did I mention that I was feeling rather nervous about being in this “gym” environment again.

I was wondering how these muscles were going to react to being pushed out of their comfort zone!!

Well, Melissa showed me exactly how each machine worked.

BUT even better than that -she was right next to me, in front of me or behind me to ensure I wasn’t straining by using the machines.

The reps were done super slow -and at times that in itself was a challenge.

But at the end of the workout I wasn’t all hot and sweaty -despite working the muscles!

I went home after my workout and it was the strangest experience.

During the afternoon different parts of my body let me know that they’d been challenged.

But I felt great and wasn’t at all stiff and sore.

Melissa sent me a follow up txt the following day to check how I was feeling.

I thought this was fantastic customer service!

And I was feeling great -no stiffness or achy joints.

I have a personal trainer now and I can’t wait to have my next session this Friday!

I would highly recommend reaching out to Melissa.

Keen to be part of my papercraft community and do life together?

Why not consider joining my team -October is a great month to do it with some amazing joining specials.

Happy crafting!

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