I did this to a stranger once

Oct 5, 2022

I did this to a stranger once

When do you just follow your gut and reach out to a stranger?

Some time ago now, I was sent an invitation via Facebook Messenger to be part of a Mealtrain.

The Mealtrain concept is simple ingenious – the co-ordinator sets it all up online – once they’ve chatted with the person needing help with meals.

They share the link online with family and friends and BOOM -meals come flying through the door on the days and times requested.

Most of the time these meals come from people you already know.

It’s a wonderful way of supporting a new Mommy, people who are recovering from illness or those for whom cooking right now is just too hard.

In my story – this was a mealtrain organised by a friend for someone I didn’t know at all.

I had a look at the details of the recipient and saw the lady concerned lived just down the road from me.

At this stage, she was a complete stranger to me -and I was a complete stranger to her.

So, I did this to a stranger.

I went through my hand made cards -because I have a reasonable stash of them.

Finding the card that was the best suited for introducing myself -I wrote a brief message inside the card saying hi and other words of encouragement to her.

I then drove past her house and popped the card into her mailbox on the street.

I had included my contact details -just in case she wanted to reply.

And she did!

It was the beginning of a wonderful new friendship.

We journeyed together over many Mealtrain deliveries and many, many more handmade cards.

I chose her cards with even more care and thought for my new friend.

We have now been friends for many, many months -in fact I would say it’s perhaps almost 2 years.

Time flies.

So, if I was given an opportunity to do it all over again, would I?

My answer would be a resounding YES.

I would do this to a stranger again and again.

Friendships have also grown between strangers attending my regular card classes and retreats.

If you’re feeling alone and would like some company –why not have a look for my next class?

Until next time!

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