How to create swirls using twine or thread

Apr 21, 2022

How to create swirls using twine or thread

If you have ever sat looking at your card knowing it needed something, but didn’t know what that something was -this technique of creating swirls using twine or thread may just be the solution!

I first saw this technique many, many years ago demonstrated by the lovely Sam Pootles -a UK based Stampin Up! demonstrator.

All you need to create swirls using twine or thread is obviously the twine or thread! Then you will need some double sided tape. I like to use tear and tape .

I find using tear and tape is easy to stick down the thread or twine.

How to place the twine or thread in the right position

You need to place the piece of tape in the middle of the area where you want to create the swirl.

Then place the spool of thread or twine next to you -and allow its natural direction to create the swirl.

I like to try and create around 3-5 swirls of twine or thread.

Don’t forget to make the swirls large enough that they will show up under the object that you place over them.

Tidying your project up

In the video, you will see the doilie is covering where the swirls all come together.

You will need to place something over the area where they all join – as it will look very messy.

You can let your imagine run wild as to what that “something” will be that you place over your swirls.

Some things to think about when planning swirls in your card design

Take it from me – I have made some mistakes doing the swirls!

Sometimes they look really silly and not swirly at all.

Perhaps look at how big the swirls are.

Have you created some swirls bigger than others?

Or are they all the same size?

Generally speaking, having swirls made of twine or thread need to have a large swirl, followed by a medium swirl and a tiny swirl.

Practice will make perfect -so perhaps try on a scrap paper first before committing to your special project!

If you’re in the Tauranga area, you are also welcome to join my Tuesday or Saturday card classes -where you will learn all the tips and tricks to make beautiful cards!

Until next time!

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