How to care for your dies

Sep 8, 2022

How to care for your dies

Recently purchased dies for the first time and have no clue how to care for them?

In this post on “ask the expert” I chat about how to care for your dies.

Dies can be quite pricey and it pays to look after them, so that they can be re-used over and over again.

Dies will last forever if you care for them properly

There are two things that I do on a regular basis to look after my dies.

After your tools, dies will probably be the more expensive item in your craft stash -so I would recommend you look after them.

The first thing that I do is to store the dies on a magnetic sheet.

You can purchase magnetic sheets at your nearest $2 or any art/craft store near you or online.

The benefit of storing your dies in this way is that they’re less likely to get bent when removing them for use and then returning them afterwards.

Bent dies don’t cut out that well -so keeping them nice and flat is a great idea.

The other benefit to me especially of storing them on a magnetic sheet -is they’re less likely to get lost!!

The second thing that I do is to regularly replace my cutting plates for my cut and emboss machine

Die cutting is very hard on the cutting mat.

The cutting plates have the tendency to warp very quickly if used very often.

I find that due to my excessive use of my cut and emboss machine

I am replacing mine easily every 3 months.

Mind you – I teach 3 classes each month, hold retreats twice a year and am daily making projects for your enjoyment!

So I reckon that’s not too bad for a hard working tool!

So there you have two easy things to do, that will ensure you keep using your dies for many years!

I have some other tips for you too –you can read them here.

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