How a rat got me playing my guitar

Sep 14, 2022

how a rat got me playing my guitar

Recently I picked up an old time hobby

I haven’t done this hobby in more than 20 years now.

It’s been lying waiting for me patiently.

Waiting for the day when I would take notice of it again.

And it wouldn’t have happened until we had a rat in the garage.

How did a rat get me playing my guitar?

We had to find the rat’s nest

This stupid little rodent(s) was very, very clever!!

Have you had rodents in your roof or garage before?

They are clever little creatures and can hide themselves so well.

We live in a double storey house -and underneath the stairs is a storage space.

We’ve previously had a rat make its nest there.

I was petrified that I would find the rat hiding.

So my hubby offered to take everything out of the storage space.

While he was doing that, our boarder was helping me to look for signs of the rat(s).

Instead of rat spotting – she spotted my guitar case!!

She was absolutely ecstatic as she was a guitar player too!

So here we were – checking out my guitar after 20 + years of ignoring.

It looked in reasonable condition.

The guitar case would need to be replaced -but the actual guitar looked great!

Nothing like a rat hunt to dust off old hobbies!

On the recommendation of my boarder, I took my guitar to our local music shop for new strings.

They did an awesome job of re-stringing the whole instrument.

That evening we had our first jam session.

My fingers were a little soft from years of not playing and the strings made their presence known!

However, I was amazed.

It was like riding a bike -it all came back to me

I was super excited about how quickly my brain opened up the “guitar playing folder”

And within no time at all , I was finding my way around strings and frets again!

I now find the time each week to practice -I do so love the sound of a guitar!

And that is how a rat got me playing my guitar!

What funny rat stories do you have to share?

Comment below -I would love to hear all about it!

If you enjoyed reading this personal story –you might like this one about my gliding adventures!

Until next time!

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