Fun facts about me

Jul 29, 2022

Fun facts about me

I love getting to know people.

So, I’m going to share some fun facts about myself -so you can get to know me.

#1 Fun fact about me

I love shoes.

No, I love, love shoes!!

I used to have a thing for red shoes -but ever since I left my hair to go natural and am now grey, red and I don’t work together so well anymore.

So now I wear more pink and really enjoy how feminine I feel when I wear pink.


#2 Fun fact

I enjoy being creative in other ways -not only papercraft.

I have tried my hand at knitting; crochet; embroidery; silk ribbon embroidery; decoupage, fabric painting and mosaics.

Recently I attended a function held by Labyrinth for Lemonade. It’s a support group for immigrant women in New Zealand.

We had a craft morning together and had to come up with a plan to decorate white sneakers.

I can’t paint to save my life -so I used serviettes and decoupaged my sneakers!

I love how they turned out.

Shoes & craft -ooh la la!

#3 Fun Fact about me

If I’m not in my craft room having fun, then I’m probably in the kitchen using my beloved Rosie.

Rosie is my Thermomix. She’s a TM6 and has a younger sister also called Rosie.

It’s far too long a story for this blog post!

Needless to say -I have two Thermomixes and use them both all the time.

#4 Fun Fact

I love walking.

Long, long walks in nature.

I actually feel incredibly cheated if I only walk 20 or 30 minutes.

For me a walk should be at least an hour long.

I mentioned in a previous blog, that we are spoilt for choice living in Tauranga, with all the lovely walks around us.

#5 Fun Fact about me

I am a chocoholic.

There I said it out in the open.

I seriously love a dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate mixed with almonds or even better mixed with peppermint.

Those are my two favourite types of dark chocolate.

And I really do prefer Whittakers above other brands -but I won’t say no to other brands if offered!!!

So there, now you have some fun facts about me.

If you’re reading this post, live in NZ and can also tick the immigrant woman box -why not like and follow the Labyrinth for Lemonade facebook group?

Until next time!

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