Easy home decor project using paper scraps

Apr 2, 2022

How often do you have a pile of paper scraps left over from other projects?

This is an easy home decor project using paper scraps.

I was pondering what to do with all my paper scraps from the Plentiful Plants Designer Series Paper, that were left over from several card projects that I’d made over the past few months.

I live in a double story house, and when I come up the stairs – I am always faced with a blank wall. So, I decided to take a blank art canvas and turn it into something unique – an easy home decor using paper scraps!

Ingredients to make your own art piece:

white canvas for home decor project

White art canvas

Piece of sandpaper – I used what I could find in the garage

Bottle of decoupage glue

Lacquer spray (optional)

Broad and narrow paintbrush

Scrap paper pieces

Paper snips or other paper scissors

Punches/dies of choice


  1. Lightly sand the canvas to remove any dirt
  2. Take all the pieces of paper you like and position them onto the canvas to get an idea of how they work together. In my home decor project, I also combined some retired paper from Harvest Meadow as well as Garden of Eden. Work with similar colours, but don’t be afraid to combine contrasting textures and even a colour that’s not your main colour – you will see I popped some yellow circles onto my design. It really needed a pop of colour – and the yellow was just perfect. It pulled through some of the designer series paper.
  3. Once you have an idea of your design, then coat the base of the canvas liberally with your decoupage glue. I found that working in sections the best way to go. This meant that the glue didn’t dry out too quickly, and that I was able to move the papers around before they really got stuck! Once you’re happy with the placement of the paper – then coat over the paper with your decoupage glue! You’re now committed!!Home decor project using paper scraps
  4. Keep layering colours and textures of your papers – and also remember to create some negative space too – especially if you’re wanting to add a message. I wanted the message “always love always” to be visible at eye level as you come up the stairs -so placed my message at the bottom of my canvas. You can place your message – or leave it out entirely – wherever works for you.
  5. Remember to put glue down, paper and them more glue until your design is to your satisfaction.
  6. Leave this first coat to dry – this will take around 2-4 hours.
  7. Cover the entire design with another coat of glue – leave to dry.
  8. You may wish to do a 3rd coat – I go by the feel of the project. If you can still feel the edges of the paper – then do another coat of glue. If not, proceed to step 9.
  9. This is the final step -and you may choose not to do this step. I sprayed over the entire design using a lacquer art spray. You will need to do this outside -as it reeks!!
  10. Leave this to dry somewhere far away from where where you eat/sleep/drink – the fumes are quite strong.
  11. Admire your artwork and either hang up or leave against the wall for a funky look!

I would love to see what YOU create using paper scraps of your favourite DSP! Leave me a comment or photo of YOUR easy home decor project using paper scraps.

If you’ve enjoyed this project , you can find many other similar projects on my Youtube channel.

You can also see my other projects here.

Until next time!

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