Caring for your stamps

Aug 21, 2022

Caring for your stamps

Beginner stampers are not often told how to care for their stamps

In this blog, my goal is to give beginner stampers some practical tips how to care for their stamps after purchase.

Stamps are going to be one of your biggest investment when you start papercraft.

If you’re anything like me – it feels like I should have a stamp for every occasion!!

There are heaps of tutorials all over the place about stamping techniques -but very few about caring for your stamps.

Which is why I decided to write this post.

I do two things every time I buy a new stamp set.

1. Care for your stamps by storing them in their original packing straight after using them

It may seem like a pretty logical thing to do -but trust me when I say that after stamping for more than 20 odd years now – the temptation some days to just leave them be is great.

Especially after a marathon effort in the craft room.

The easiest thing once the stamp is clean, is to remove it off the block and put it right back into its proper place in the container.

At Stampin’ Up! we have two types of stamps -we use cling stamps (red rubber) and photopolymer.

The cling stamps have their own little grooves where the stamps fit and the photopolymer stamps adhere to their matching image.

It’s pretty easy to put them back -it’s just getting into the habit each time!

2. Clean stamps straight after using them

I use my simply shammy and from time to time I will use my Stampin’ Scrub.

This is a super important step in caring for your stamps.

Cleaning them straight after you’ve used them does two things.

It gets you in the habit of not leaving them after using them -and it makes step 1 a whole lot easier.

These 2 easy things ensure that my stamps stay in excellent condition and bring many years of joy & happiness.

I hope that you have found this helpful and that it will set you up for caring for your stamp sets.

For more practical tips –you can read about storing your stamps here.

Until next time!

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