Can you have enough plants?

Oct 2, 2023

can you have enough plants?

I have been asking myself lately -can you have enough plants?

Like, how many plants is just one too many?

Does it go around the size of your room?

Or is it due to the time it takes to water and feed them?

My husband declared a long time ago that we had enough plants.

So, I decided to do a count of how many plants I own.

And this is not counting my orchids.

I have written previously about my addiction to orchids -you can read all about it in this post.

So, I went around the rooms of our home and my plants all came to 32.

Is that too many? Or just enough?

I have my daughter-in-law Yulia to blame for this plant fettish.

She gave me the first orphan -a freebie from her de-stash efforts.

Maybe her husband asked her the question “honey, don’t you think you have enough plants?!”

Anyhoo -back to my story.

That was about 3 years ago.

And then I was gifted a gift voucher from our local nursery.

As they say -the rest was history.

I have only lost 1 plant in the last few years.

And of course, it had to be my most expensive plant -a Ficus.

BUT, the reason I lost it was due to overwatering.

And the good news is that its death was not in vain!

Oh no! Because being me, I went on a deep dive of research.

Why did my ficus die and how can I avoid such a tragedy again.

The solution? A moisture meter!!!

This is the moisture meter that I bought from Mitre 10 here locally in our city.

It’s absolutely brilliant and has resulted in very, very happy plants.

They’re just like Goldilocks- not too wet, not too dry -just right!

So, back to my original question – can you have enough plants?

Only when they start to take precious time from my crafting -then it’s too many!

Happy crafting!

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