A dummies guide to papercraft

Jan 7, 2023

dummies guide to papercraft

Are you starting out in the papercraft world and feel a little overwhelmed by all the foreign words used? If that’s you, then this dummies guide to papercraft is a must read.

I recently bought myself a rather handy tool to upgrade my crafty abilities and was blown away by all the jargon used for this tool.

Which got me thinking…if I felt like this about my new tool -how would new papercrafters feel about all the words we use?

There are so many words that get thrown about on Youtube -from burnish to embossing.

Do you know your a’s from your zee’s in papercraft?

If the answer to that is no -then you’ll be pleased to have this guide.

So here is my guide to what you need to know now.

You will most certainly hear a whole lot of other words -but for now, these are the most important ones to know.

dummies guide to papercraft
dummies guide to papercraft

You can also download the PDF here for your own reference.

I hope you find these helpful!

Hopefully this will help you navigate the fun world of paper crafting with ease !

Please share this dummies guide to papercraft with anyone else you know.

if you’re in the neighbourhood –be sure to check out when next class is, and I can help you even more!

Happy crafting!

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