5 things I would tell the younger me

Feb 13, 2023

5 things i would tell the younger me

I decided to document 5 things I would tell the younger me -now.

I realized the other day that it is now 35 years since I finished high school.

I was thinking about all that I’ve experienced over the past three and a half decades.

1.Younger me -you are going to love deeply and get hurt deeply

One thing that hasn’t changed at all about the 18 year old version of me, is that I love deeply and because of that, I hurt deeply too.

And that’s ok -because we need to be deep lovers of others. You don’t want to be a flaky person.

2. You are still the same crazy, creative person -don’t change that

Not much has changed in this department -and I just love that time has not caused the craziness to get less -but the expression of it has matured just a little.

Craziness these days looks more like enormous personal growth by changing careers, running 2 businesses and doing things that first felt hard, but now are so much fun -like organising retreats twice a year.

Keep doing these things crazy, creative person – you will grow SO MUCH and bless others with what flows out of those crazy ideas!

3. Younger me -you are going to fall in love and never ever be the same person again

I wish I could go back in time and tell the 18 year old Bernie that she would very shortly (in about 3 years from now) fall in love and would forever after, never ever be the same person again.

She would lose some friends because of that, but she was going to gain an entire group of friends that would become her forever family.

And the best part -is that she’s still in love with the same person all these years later.

And just in case you’re reading this and thinking I’m writing all soppy about my hubby – nope, it’s not him.

I became a Christian 31 years ago – and it’s Jesus Christ I met personally and fell in love with.

4. Younger me -you will learn to be flexible, ever though you don’t think that’s possible now

Probably one of the greatest learning curves I’ve seen over my years is how I’ve learnt the gracious gift of being flexible.

So, to my 18 year version – I would say the following:

  • It’s ok to be super organised (and yes, it brings calm and order to your world), but there will be MANY times that things just won’t go according to YOUR plans. It’s ok. It really is ok to let it just go (sorry about the cliche!!)
  • Flexibility will allow you to hand over “control” over your diary to your Sovereign Lord and trust that He knows what’s best for you for that day. And you will grow to see that this is often the way.
  • You will eventually have to stop co-ordinating your toothbrush and toothpaste -but never, ever your underwear. That’s non negotiable!!!

5. In my final point on 5 things to tell the younger me – I would say keep laughing. Deep, belly ache laughing

Laughter truly is the best medicine and your sense of humour is a great asset to you.

Laugh at much -but never at others.

Make sure you also can laugh at yourself -because there will be days that will be dark and deep for you.

But keep laughing, deep belly ache laughter.

I wish you everything of the best dear 18 year Bernie!

Much love



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