2 tips for bulk stamping with two step stamps

Apr 10, 2023

2 tips for bulk stamping with two step stamps

You may find yourself doing a big project from time to time and needing to stamp two step stamps in bulk.

It can be quite daunting at first, and you may feel yourself struggling with the process of stamping multiple copies.

If so, you might want to consider using a stamparatus. Not only does it make stamping easier, but it also ensures consistent results every time. Here are two tips for bulk stamping with two step stamps.

Two-Step Stamping Made Easy when stamping in bulk:
Two-step stamping is a popular technique used to create beautiful images with depth and dimension.

However, it can be challenging to align the stamps correctly when creating multiple copies.

That’s where the stamparatus comes in handy!

With the stamparatus, you can easily stamp the first layer of the image on multiple copies, then reposition the it to stamp the second layer in the same spot every time. Here are some additional tips for two-step stamping with the stamparatus:

#1 -Before you start stamping, place a piece of grid paper on the stamparatus. This will help you align your stamps and keep your images straight.

When stamping the second layer of your image, use the hinged plate feature to ensure perfect alignment. Simply line up your stamp with the first layer of the image and close the plate over it. This will keep the stamp in the correct position for stamping.

#2 -If you’re working with a particularly intricate image, you may need to stamp the second layer twice to get a solid image. Use the repositionable plate on the stamparatus to move the paper back into the same position before stamping again.

You can watch this video to see how I stamped these images -I needed 45 of these!

Cut Paper Efficiently:
When creating items in bulk, cutting paper can be a time-consuming process. To save time, try cutting multiple sheets of paper at once using a paper trimmer.

Use the ruler on the paper trimmer to measure out the size you need, then stack the sheets of paper on top of each other and cut them all at once. This will ensure that all of your paper pieces are the same size and shape.

Using a stamparatus and cutting paper efficiently can help make the process of creating items in bulk much more manageable.

I also wrote about an easy cutting tip in this blog if you’re just needing to cut a few cards.

Give these tips a try and see how much time and effort you can save in your crafting projects.

Happy crafting!

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